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Crown Lengthening

Get a more balanced and aesthetic smile with our outstanding crown lengthening service!

 Our team of periodontal specialists is dedicated to providing personalized solutions to improve the appearance of your smile.

With crown lengthening, we can correct aesthetic and functional problems, creating a solid foundation for your teeth and providing long-lasting, beautiful results.



Crown lengthening is a periodontal procedure in which a small amount of gingival and bone tissue around a tooth is removed to expose more of the dental crown. This is done with the aim of improving dental aesthetics and functionality, especially in cases where the teeth appear short or uneven.

During the crown lengthening procedure, a small incision is made in the gums to access the gingival and bone tissue. A precise amount of tissue is then carefully removed or reshaped to expose more of the dental crown. The area is cleaned and sutured, allowing the gums to heal properly.

Local anesthesia is used during crown lengthening to ensure your comfort during the procedure. After treatment, you may experience some tenderness or discomfort, but you will be provided with instructions for managing the discomfort and prescribed medication if necessary.

Recovery time varies depending on each patient and the extent of crown lengthening performed. Generally, it takes a few weeks for the gums to completely heal and achieve the desired results. During this time, you will be given post-operative care guidelines to ensure optimal recovery.

Crown lengthening can provide several benefits, such as a more aesthetic and balanced smile, improving the ratio between teeth and gums, correcting uneven or short teeth, and creating a solid foundation for future dental restorations. Additionally, it can help improve oral hygiene by facilitating proper cleaning of teeth and gums.

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